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Stay calm. I am about to announce something that will make you rejoice in happiness or scramble online to find a recipe!

 Avocados in Australia are currently in oversupply. Yes, that’s right, you heard it no more days of avocados being in shortage, and you have to buy a $5 unripe avocado and try your best to smear that hard avocado on a piece of toast, and call it a day. The avocado industry in Australia is calling on consumers to eat more avocados as there is currently an oversupply. As Australians, we should help and eat avocados, especially as lettuce and other vegetables are currently in shortage and are expensive. We should utilise what is currently over supplies. It also doesn’t hurt that avocados are one of the based tasting fruit/vegetables (I don’t want to start that debate!).

 I have heard about many uses for avocado, like the Vietnamese Avocado Shake (SINH TỐ BƠ).

In what ways can we use avocados other than just on toast?

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