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These wedding trends are OUT

Wedding trends come and go as often as the seasons. There are traditional trends that have been on the decline for years such as the garter toss or enviro conscious couples opting out of confetti, balloons and animal release rituals. But now new age hipster trends are also being replaced for the next most pintrest-able (its a word!) ideas!


Sadly the hipster chalk board with delicate cursive writing is OUT! It’s now baroque mirrors that ooze old Hollywood glamour….cursive writing has made the cut so make sure your calligraphy stills remain in-tact.


Facebook post requesting old jam jars are becoming extinct. Mason Jars are on the cutting room floor to be replaced by metallic candelabras and moody candle arrangements as a delicate and romantic centre piece.


A short lived, delicious trend to have your donut desert spiked a wall has been halted. In 2022 couples are all about gravity-defying cakes that wow guests with an optical illusion: a floating tier. It’s the best tasting magic we’ve seen in a while. One does wonder how you now CUT the cake.


No need for an extinguisher on hard for that fire hazard level of fairy lights draped from the ceiling, industry exports are now getting endless requests for large, ceiling installations of florals or opulent chandeliers to hang above the heads of dining and dancing guests.


COVID may have killed the grazing table. Free-for-all food grabs out in the open are definitely out with catering table service to come back in along with three course meals.


Enviro conscious couples are leaning into paperless post options for save the date and RSVPs. As a guest of many weddings I am thankful for this trend change as I often lose the invite and need to text another guest for the details.

With some great favourites on the chopping block with is still in?


Many couples choose to be sent off through a sparkler tunnel at the end of their wedding night, and that trend’s not going anywhere any time soon.


Rather than a token that will be forgotten or thrown out in the months to come. Couples are starting to include disposable cameras on guest tables for some free labour! The guest will take photos to document the candid moments from the day, after developing two copies the couple will write their thank you notes on the back of the photos to send back to their guests.

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