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Use This Trick To Get Upgraded Business Class For Free!

Have you ever sat in measly economy class watching ahead was the lavish stranger’s board on business class and thought, why can’t that be me? Well, worry no further; I have got you covered. I spoke to Megan, an ex-flight attendant, about the best hacks to get into business class.

  1. If you’re buying a ticket, make sure to buy it when it is jam-packed. I know that this is something you wouldn’t usually here; however, this is essential when trying to get an upgrade. Because flight workers can upgrade passengers on overbooked flights, try and book for the busy periods to ensure that you go on an overbooked flight. I’m talking school holidays, public holidays, Christmas, and everything.
  2. Dress to impress; another vital part in having the flight workers take compassion on you is if you’re wearing a lovely outfit. I am talking formal wear that beautiful dress, suit, have some good shoes.
  3. Be nice! It doesn’t hurt!

Just make sure not to wear thongs and a shirt.

So next time you go to the airport, try these tips, and you never know you might just be living lavishly…