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What Are Small Talk and Big Talk (I NEED TO KNOW…)

Recently I chatted with my co-host Adair, and we talked about the differences between small and big talk.

I believe Smalltalk is anything that is strictly about the weather, the current day and things that all humans know. 

I recently overheard Adair having a conversation with a barista. This conversation discussed coffee types, flavours, and their favourite coffees, and they had an excellent chat. As he finished, I told her, “wow you guys had a really good conversation I can only make small talk to people at coffee shops”.

She then told me that no that was small talk! Supposedly, Using interests or having an interesting conversation about something like coffee is still classified as Smalltalk. I’m afraid I entirely have to disagree.

I feel like as soon as you find Common Ground with someone, that isn’t the weather, and if you find some of its interest, that automatically goes to big talk; however, my cost disagrees.

 In the comments, what do you classify as more talk and big talk? 

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