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What do you call a battered, deep-fried potato snack?


Turns out across the country, we have a very varied vocabulary for everyday occurrences. Throughout NSW and even in WA, if you went down to the local fish & chip shop, you’d be asking for a potato scallop. Yet over in Victoria or down in Tasmania, well, that would be “one potato cake, please sir”. 

Boardies, cossie, swimmers or togs? Neither, if you are in Perth, Victoria or Tas, where you would need to say “bathers”, while Queenslanders use togs and New South Welshman say “swimmers”. 

And how do we know all this? 

Well, The Linguistics Roadshow, a project running from the University of Melbourne and the Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, are all about the science of language. Their team put together a very neat little survey about different word choices used throughout the country and then even went to the trouble of making a map showing how terminology changes around the country. 

Got another term together, or think we haven’t got it right? Head over here if you want to participate in the survey.