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Why Are We So Obsessed with What Celebrities Eat?

If you’ve been on the Internet recently, you have seen the Jennifer Aniston salad plastered all over your friend’s page. It seems everybody knows about it. As I saw the recipe of this sad salad which Jennifer had to come out said it wasn’t hers, it got me thinking, are we too obsessed with what celebrities eat?

This is a question that’s been posted. Every day you go on the Internet, you see a new celebrity diet. I know this is not new. However, I feel it’s taken to the next level because of social media. 

Consequently, I feel like celebrities, even those who might not be living, such as Elvis, still get their diet thoroughly publicised with multiple people commenting on it and trying to review it. Are we really obsessed with celebrities eating?

I mean, I hate to be that person.

But hey, celebrities are just like us. I mean, they’re not a different species. They’re not different humans. At the end of the day, they all have to wake up, eat, use the toilet and sleep; nothing special there.