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Why Don’t We Talk to Strangers on Public Transport?

If you like me, you can catch public transport everywhere and anywhere firstly because it’s cheap and good for the environment and secondly because you never got your license…

So I’m a pretty avid public transport user; however, the experience leaves something to be desired every time you go on public transport; everyone is on their phone trying to disconnect from the bus, which is understandable. A lot of these people are coming from work Or going to work.

Many of these people are just coming out of 8 to 10-hour days. And the last thing they need is to be annoyed on the bus. However for me, I love a good chat. I mean, as one of my weaknesses, it’s one of the reasons why I probably didn’t do the best at school and didn’t get into uni, which led me to Radio!

So I feel like I want to talk to people on the bus. I want to hear all about their lives. I want to talk even if it is only for 10 minutes and you never see them again; however, this is not the societal norm! Which got me thinking, you know there’s a quiet carriage on the train? Should I be a carriage for the talkers that want to talk to each other on the bus? Should there be a section where you sit where it signifies that you’re open for a chat? What do you guys think? I want to know!