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Why is everyone obsessed with the lotus Biscoff spread?

It seems like everywhere I travel online, albeit that Instagram, Facebook tick-tock, and everybody raves about the delectable Biscoff spread. At the first glance, I was like, “Move over, Nutella”. This will be the new thing I saw people put on bread, toast, and cake. 

So I did my duty as a fellow online citizen and thought, okay, maybe I need to give it a try. So I went to the shop, picked up a jar, and I was all. I was ready to party. I thought, wow, I was finally going to be one of those people obsessed with the spread, so I got home, opened the jar, and went straight in with a big spoon.

What then awaited me was horrendous.

I hated it. I was not too fond of it; it was so bad that I was upset with these people online lying to me. Was this one big conspiracy? I don’t know. 

So that was the day I realised you couldn’t trust anyone on the Internet.