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Why is the Aboriginal Flag Going to Cost So Much!?

It’s going to cost $25 Million to install the aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  

But why does it cost so much?

So various Indigenous groups have been rallying to get the flag up there for years and with the new state budget it finally looks like things are finally going to go that way.

But the huge price is leaving many scratching their head.  

Image: Dom Perrottet

Including the NSW premier Dom Perrottet who had this to say :

“We built the. harbour bridge back in the 1920s and I’m even surprised it takes this long. I made the announcement a while ago and the first briefs that came back were that it will probably take 2 years to do. I mean I’ll go to bunnings myself and climb up and put the pole up”

So since the announcement, convocations have obviously erupted over social media :

Saying where the money could be more useful like reinvesting into indigenous communities or implementing it into the royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody. 

Is this just a bit tokenistic? 

It should just already be up there and it’s kind of embarrassing that it’s not.

But why does it cost so much?

Dom came back to address the media the other day to state why. 

First there were concerns around the heritage status of the harbour bridge which would make the project complicate and secondly all the poles would have to be replaced including the third new one. (All three of them were the equivalent size of a six story building)

Despite that, Perrottet has said he will revisit the price set up by the department of transport and go line through line of the quote.

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