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The Essentials: Episode Eleven

Steve and Clint are both seasoned Lifeguards from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. They have spent their lives rescuing people and doing the best they can to preserve life. So it comes as no surprise that they were well equipped to deal with the challenges

The Essentials: Episode Nine

While we go about our lives, spare a thought for the homeless people who are ultimately doing it way tougher than we could ever imagine. In this epsiode we speak to community worker ‘Joel’ who shines the light on the inner strength and resilience of

The Essentials: Episode Eight

John Lyons is one of many of the unsung heroes of Australian society that helped us through the Corona Virus. Working at the service centre at Paddington’s Woolworths, John has in many ways been on the frontlines of the pandemic from the very start. While

The Essentials: Episode Seven

Meet Kristin Sweeney: A loving mother whose parents and daughter returned from an overseas holiday with the dreaded Corona Virus. Kristin is without doubt a caring family person who places her family first and foremost in her life. She is also however, a dedicated professional

Bring out Your Inner Child

After spending too much time saying ‘Not now – soon’, and resisting the call to embrace my 5 year-old son’s incessant and persistent longings to join him in a building a train, I finally relented. The joy was instantaneous. For a short period, my troubles