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Radio Roadtrip Episode 10: Nimbin

Our road trippers, Jay and Nikki, sure have covered some ground this week. Zig-zagging cross-country on a strikingly spontaneous route, the podcasters have punished the bitumen between Australia’s tropical north, outback settlements and southern cross-roads. They’re knackered. So when Jay’s dad, Richard, suggested they kick

Radio Roadtrip Episode 9: Port Augusta

On tonight’s Radio Roadtrip Jay and Nikki bomb through the desert en-route to Port Augusta. Port Augusta is beautiful: a place where vivid red earth kisses glassy water. With a stable population of 13,000, this outback oasis sits at the crossroads of three major Australian

Radio Roadtrip Stop Eight: Hervey Bay

Tropical heat, impossibly white beaches, sprawling nature reserves: a visit to Hervey Bay leaves little to be desired. When the Radio Roadtrip podcasters ran into car troubles on their way into Hervey they figured there was worse places to be stuck for a day. Local

Grafton Go-Tos

Jay and Nikki kicked off their leg of the ‘Radio Road-trip’ podcast in Grafton this week. The streets of this northern NSW town are decorated with plush Jacaranda dripping with papery flowers. The sub-tropical climes make the wide, bending Clarence River a tempting prospect year-round. Their local guide, Brandon, did such a fabulous job of touring us virtually that we

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Three Reasons Not to Give Up on 2020

2020 you fickle mistress! Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the examples of systematic police brutality that have arisen out of the United States this week, there is much chatter online about ‘cancelling’ the year altogether. Many are suggesting calling time on this bad-boy, maybe hosting a premature New Years, and

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The Final Verdict on that Woolie’s Cookies and Cream Mudcake.

  On today’s show Jen and Rob chatted to Jodi, the administrator of the WILDLY popular Facebook group ‘Coles and Woolies Mudcake Hacks’. When Jodi revealed that her group, dedicated to re-decorating supermarket mudcakes, has attracted upwards of 200k members we almost lost our dacks. Could Australia REALLY be that enthralled with these puppies? The answer, it

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What we can learn from post-lockdown pub grub.

Australians everywhere are tentatively brushing their teeth, strapping on a fresh pair of knickers and popping their iso-bubbles to enjoy the spoils of our wonderful hospitality industry re-opening to diners. Operating at reduced capacities, restaurants are booking-out a month in advance on Saturday and Sunday nights. So,

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5 Podcasts Pick-Me-Ups

Friends, winter is well and truly upon us! While there’s much to be adored about the temperature dipping (cute coats, shiraz season, open fires), finishing work in the dark and working out in the cold can sometimes feel demoralising. At this time of year, your day might need a ‘lift’ outside

Would you share THIS with your dog?

Breaking: Australians are even weirder than we thought. We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend and doggy loyalty is baked into our national mythology (think The Dog on the Tuckerbox, Red Dog). In fact, Australia has the highest percentage of dog