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Time to lose that isolation weight

GYMS REOPEN ACROSS AUSTRALIA Gyms are set to reopen from tomorrow in NSW after being closed for three months. Here’s what you need to know to stay gym safe. Each facility is allowed one person per four square metres at a time, including staff. All

14 Year Old Missing Boy Found

14-year-old William Callaghan who was separated from his family on Mount Disappointment just north of Melbourne, on Monday afternoon.Has been found. Despite temperatures dropping to near zero degrees, the 14-year-old avoided hypothermia and managed to walk away with a suspected broken foot, and some cuts

Quade Cooper Shocks The World

A video of rugby union star Quade Cooper has gone viral. Quade posted on Instagram a video where he performs an around the back – pass that resembles a pass in the NFL. American commenters have jokingly stated that Cooper could replace New Orleans Patriots

Wednesday 7.30 am News

The search for William Callahan is still underway this morning in Victoria. The 14 year – old boy who has autism was reported missing on Monday afternoon in Victoria’s Mount Disappointment He has been missing now for more than 40 hours. _____________________________________________________________________________ Australia has reported

Young Boy Still missing

A boy with autism has been reported missing in Victoria. William Callaghan aged 14  was separated from his family on Mount Disappointment just north of Melbourne. He is described as being non-verbal, he is not dressed for the weather.  Police are conducting an air and

Celebrities Supporting Protests

As America protests over the death of Geroge Flyod, many famous celebrities have shown their support over the matter, posting on their socials, the hashtag Black Lives Matter. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, did a cover of the famous Rage Against the Machine song Killing in

Pope Francis Issues Warning

Pope Francis, has issued a warning as Coranvirus deaths have surpassed 400.00. The Pope has cautioned people in countries that have started to emerge from lockdown. He is has told them to keep listening to authorities’ rules on social distancing and Hygiene limits on movement.