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The Essentials: Episode Ten

Michael McClean is a paramedic in Canberra. Working through the Covid-19 pandemic created unique challenges for emergency response workers around the country. Paramedics dedicate their lives to helping others, so what changes are made when the risk of attending to strangers is increased with the

New Covid-19 Cases Down, Ugg Boot Injuries Up

It is the first time since the World Health Organisation announced Covid-19 a pandemic that there have been no new local transmissions of the coronavirus in Australia, however podiatrists now have their hands tied with a different threat: ugg boot foot. Clinical podiatrist Jessica Johnston

The Essentials: Episode Six

Chris Anderson is a bus driver in NSW. He’s driven busses for the past 6 years, and currently drives a route that usually takes him through Sydney’s city and northern suburbs. Through the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, public transport has been a contentious topic

Round 5 Back On: NRL Will Allow Fans Back In

Punters in groups of 50 or less will now be allowed to watch matches, the NRL has confirmed.  The ‘first batch’ of rugby league fans will be allowed to attend games again in round five after the NRL secured permission for spectators to return from

The Essentials: Episode Five

Sally Rigney is a grain and cattle farmer in South West Queensland. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t necessarily affected Sally, as she is safe and isolated out on her farm. It has, however impacted her in other ways. The mental health concerns of farmers is always

150 – 300 jobs to go as University of Wollongong feels COVID-19 impact

Community assemblies were held at Wollongong, Batemans Bay, Bega, Shoalhaven and Moss Vale campuses early this morning to protest the job cuts proposed by University of Wollongong Vice-Chancellor, Paul Wellings.   In a live webcast, Wellings presented three options to staff as a means to cope with UOW’s $90 million budget shortfall

The Essentials: Episode Four

Tom Pulver is a construction and timber teacher at Kildare Catholic College in Wagga Wagga, NSW. He is also on the executive team at his school, focussing on innovation. Tom was instrumental in the team that developed an online learning system for the Catholic Education

Australia Enters First Recession in 29 Years

Australia has entered its first recession in 29 years. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg confirmed on Wednesday that the Treasury is forecasting negative growth for the June quarter, due to the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the economy. This follows on from the 0.3% negative growth seen in

“Funding Cliff” Forecast for Australian Charities

Australian charities are facing a “funding cliff” according to a report released today by the Centre for Social Impact and not-for-profit organisation Social Venture Australia. Cancellations of fundraising events and door-to-door campaigns due to coronavirus have forced charities to seek fundraising online, leading to widespread

Jen & Rob Plank to Celebrate the Re-opening of Gyms!

Since the Covid-19 outbreak earlier in 2020, gyms right across Australia have been forced to close their doors to the public with no re-opening date in sight….until now. In Western Australia gyms have already re-opened and it was announced that NSW will soon follow suit