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Kitty Flanagan is “Smashing” into the Shoalhaven

Kitty Flanagan is bringing her latest stand up comedy show ‘Smashing’ to the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre next Saturday June 15. Kitty has been a regular on the standup comedy circuit for several decades and her latest show proves that she is still at the top

Lettsy and Danes 2RS Spirit Tour

Did you believe in spirits? Are you afraid of ghosts? This week on Waking Up with Lettsy and Danes things got spooky as they dove a little deeper. Looking into the stories behind haunted buildings in the community. Take a listen to this week’s podcast

Double Demerits now in force

NSW police are warning holiday makers to stay alert as many of us prepare to hit the roads this long weekend. With operation Stay Alert coming into force at midnight, police across the state will be targeting all speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and motorcycle/helmet offences.

Crooked Tradie Slightly Off-centre

Marriages are delicate and in order to solve a problem you need support from your partner. When it goes too far it can get petty and that is the case for this couple from England. Fighting over subject was usually resolved with an introspective chat

Dot’s Daily Updates

Tyler’s dear grandmother has been introduced to 2RS’ Drive Show and is by now a household favourite, particularly Greg (the flirting has GOT to stop, Tyler’s freaking out) Dot updates the drive team with the essential, need-to-know goss happening across the globe & shares her