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Podcasts on 2NRS

2NRS is proud to premiere two original podcast series with an emphasis on regional personalities and places.

New episodes are released weekdays June 7-20 2021.

The Best Of Breaky

Week 1

Lachie brings you a podcast where you can catch up on the Best of Breaky everyday. Here’s a quick teaser:

Did you hit snooze on your alarm one too many times? And did you miss out on 2NRS Breakfast?

There’s no need to panic! 2NRS has you covered by bringing you the best parts of the breakfast show every day.

Catch Jake, Nel & Charlie at any time thanks to Lachie.

Missed an episode? Then catch up here.

The Best Of Breaky

Week 2

During week 2, Tom serves you the Best of Breaky everyday in a catch-up podcast. Here’s a quick teaser:

Tom handpicks the best bits from Helena, Owen & Paddy.

Check it out here from June the 15th.

The Great Aussie Road Trip

Get your seatbelts fastened, grab your snacks and whack 2NRS on your radio! IT’S ROAD TRIP TIME

This podcast focuses on the answers to why people live in the areas that they live around regional and rural Australia.

2NRS will provide key facts about each new area and will take you on a trip around The Great Southern Land you won’t soon forget.

Radio Roadtrip will air at 6.30pm, Monday to Friday only on 2NRS. Here a teaser:

Go for a trip across the country with 2NRS

Missed an episode? Then catch up here.