An Illawarra first: new art trail launches in the Wollongong CBD this weekend

If you’re at a loose end this weekend, Wollongong City Council has got you covered. From today, Wander Wollongong – Art Trail launches across the Wollongong CBD – a new on-foot cultural experience with a program of artist talks, free exhibitions, drop-in workshops and live music.

The trail is the brainchild of the Wollongong City Council, and is aimed at taking people on an artistic journey through the cultural landscape of Wollongong. There are 23 galleries and art spaces on the trail.

“They’ve recognised that all of these creative places around Wollongong sort of sprung up post-Covid, and it’s just been really exciting for them to connect us all up,” Daryl Lo, co-founder of 130 Art Studios told Lisa and Tristan on Mornings.

130 Art Studios initially set out to create a space for emerging artists to show their work. They are a resident gallery, with approximately 12 artists in residence. “We sort of provide a platform for artists who want to test their ideas out before they go onto bigger things like the Wollongong Art Gallery and other galleries in Sydney and what not,” Daryl told 2NRS.

Over the weekend, the gallery, along with more than 20 others in Wollongong, will be showcasing local talent. Daryl feels that Covid has made people in the area more creative. “I don’t think it was anyone’s idea to make this an arts precinct, it’s just sort of evolved that way over the last 12-14 months,” he said.

“I feel like there’s something really big building down here in the arts space.”

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You can listen to Tristan and Lisa’s interview with Daryl here.