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Meet the Team

Jacob Aquilina

Jacob is a radio fanatic who loves broadcasting whenever he can, whether it be local rugby union commentary or on 2NRS. He just loves to talk, which can sometimes be a bit to much!

IF you were on the news, what would it be for? – If I was on the news it would be for something silly that’s for sure! Probably best keep that one under my hat!

2NRS roles – breakfast announcer, digital content producer.

Sarah Beins

Sarah is an audio enthusiast and world traveller with 10 years of education and employment in the media industry. With a CSU Journalism Degree in her back pocket, and now completing a Graduate Diploma in Radio from AFTRS, Sarah has managed on and off-air performances for major media brands such as NOVA Entertainment, Australian Radio Network, Southern Cross Austereo and the Broadcast Operations Group. She has extensive experience as a Radio Announcer and Voice Over Artist and is a lover of board sports, Netflix, and potatoes.

If you were featured on the local news what would you most likely be on there for? – Winner of the Harry Potter Trivia Grand Prize, and Public Indecency. 

2NRS Roles – Content Director, Late Drive Show Host, Weekend Breakfast Host.

Lachlan Brickley

Lachie grew up on the Far South Coast of NSW. He loves going to live music gigs and a steak (medium-rare of course) at his local.

Catch him on the Drive Show with Tom and Charles in Week 2 and The Best of Breaky Podcast.

Matthew ‘MJ’ Brokenbrough

If there’s one thing to know about MJ, its don’t take him seriously. MJ is always down for a laugh and doesn’t mind poking fun at himself. MJ’s quirky humour, funny stories and cheerful vibe is sure to keep you entertained when you tune in to 2NRS.

If you were featured on the local news what would you most likely be on there for? – If I was featured on the local news, it would have to be for something unimportant like unintentionally staying awake the longest. I didn’t mean too… can someone pass me a pillow!

Catch MJ for Weekend Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday 7am to 9am plus a bonus show on Monday 14th June, 9am to 11am. Off the air MJ is also a part of the music team, ensuring only the best hits make it to your speakers.

Helena Constantellis

Helena Ellis is a Sydney Dj and Radio host on the popular hip hop shop K-Sera & The Dirty Dozen on The Edge 96.1FM. Following her love for music, Helena found herself on air talking all things music and entertainment. Tune in and catch Helena on air, on 2NRS.

Kendal Cuneo

Kendal made her radio debut at the age of 14 on community radio in prime time with the programme aptly named”The Fish Show” (it had nothing to do with fish).Now a performing musician, she has come back to radio with the hope to combine her music and performance skills with radio.

if you were features on the local news what would it be for? – Most likely to be featured on the news swinging through the air on the flying trapeze.

2NRS – Announcing Week 2 1-3pm shift (Tues, Wed, Thurs)Announcing Week 2 weekend breakfast 7-9am with Matt and Sarah

Owen Davies

Born in Swansea, Wales, growing in Melbourne, and now residing in Sydney – Owen has been around – and he WILL tell you about it. After a past life in marketing and advertising, Owen is keen to use those storytelling skills through video content and on air. His main purpose is to make people laugh and brighten up their day. You can hear Owen across your day throughout 2NRS. If Owen was to be in your local news it would definitely be for one of his hidden talents – which one? Listen and find out

Thomas Denham

Tom Denham is a Melbournite content maker who’s constantly searching out stories ravelled in enigma. He can be heard chewing the fat on the Drive show as well as his solo shows.

Charles Goodsir

Charles is a born and raised New South Welshman who loves nothing more than watching, playing and talking about sport. You can hear him on the drive show with Tom and Lachie. Charles also has a passion for music and would love to cover music of all kinds at a local news station.

Olivia Hill

Olivia, affectionately known as Lu, is a radio host specialising in music news. You can often find her in Wollongong with her band Tawny Port.

She’ll be taking you through your afternoons during Week 1 and producing audio content in Week 2.

Fenella Jamieson

Nel is from Narrabri, NSW and loves having a chat to people all around Australia. You can hear her on 2NRS announcing with the Breakfast team, or on her solo shows. You might even see Nel in the local paper racing yabbies.

Frazer Johnson

Frazer is a budding audio producer. Before coming to radio: Frazer studied political science, worked on a dairy farm, dropped out of law school, picked blueberries, and shovelled mulch on a permaculture farm. He’s a work in progress, but if you ask him what he was born to do, he’ll tell you that it was to herd sheep in the highlands of Ethiopia. In the future, he hopes to produce work that encourages openness and curiosity.

Rob Kaldor

Rob Kaldor is using his mid-life crisis to behave badly as a radio announcer. In fact his main aim is to annoy his three teenagers by playing his favourite tunes

If you were on the news, what would it be for – If he was featured in the local news, it would be that he has nailed his finger to the wall whilst attempting to put up a painting as he is a terrible handyman. 

Roles – Rob will be presenting the Morning Show on 2NRS

Brenton Larney

Brenton is from the Gold Coast and loves to tell stories! You can hear him on the drive show with Bek and Scott!

Maybelle Lin

Maybelle is a Sydney local and spends her time people-watching, reading, and digging through new podcasts. You can hear her muse about life on 2NRS during the late drive shows. Maybelle would be in her local news for patting all the dogs in the neighbourhood!

Scott Leek

Scott is a Sydney based announcer/producer who is committed to telling stories that matter to your community. Scott will be part of the drive team and reporting the morning news headlines on 2NRS. He’d like you to think he’d bag 10 for the local footy club, but the local paper will likely report his knee gave out in the first quarter, and his career over.

Sam Maloney

Sam puts the leg in legend on 2NRS. Growing up in Wollongong, Sam loves everything regional and will be bringing you the best in news headlines for Week 1 and Afternoons in Week 2

Charlie Meller

Charlie is a passionate Dungeons & Dragons fan and can often be caught listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack or one of the million podcasts he has in his rotation.

You can hear Charlie on 2NRS during the brekky show with Jac & Nel and will be the brains behind the digital content in Week 2.

Patrick Rees

Paddy is an aspiring sports presenter and analyst out of the Northern suburbs of Wollongong. You can hear Paddy on 2NRS whipping up an entertaining podcast, as well as co hosting breakfast from the 14th-18th of June.

Tom Reeve

Tom is an avid music lover from the city of churches. He often finds himself gazing in amazement at how tall the buildings are in Sydney, and in confusion about its more than one train. You can catch him presenting late mornings on 2NRS!

Erielle Sudario

Erielle is a journalist from the western suburbs of Sydney. Giving you the headlines you need to know on week 2 Afternoons. Catch her in “Eri in the mornings” on Wednesday at 9am and Late Night weekend with Fraser at 6pm Sunday.

Sandy Veduri

I am Sandy, excited to speak and entertain on funny topics and I always think differently, out of the box. I love to be a stress buster, an educational guide, and a news reporter. Here I am to keep you up to date.

If you were featured on the local news what would it be for? – I want to be the winner of a cooking competition or sports event.

2NRS Roles – Announcer, Producer, and Audio Producer

Rebekah Wagstaff

Sydney girl Bek loves to spend her free time checking out live music and podcasting every week. Catch her on the drive show with Brenton and Scott.