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Why Don’t We Talk to Strangers on Public Transport?

If you like me, you can catch public transport everywhere and anywhere firstly because it’s cheap and good for the environment and secondly because you never got your license… So I’m a pretty avid public transport user; however, the experience leaves something to be desired

Why Are We So Obsessed with What Celebrities Eat?

If you’ve been on the Internet recently, you have seen the Jennifer Aniston salad plastered all over your friend’s page. It seems everybody knows about it. As I saw the recipe of this sad salad which Jennifer had to come out said it wasn’t hers,

Why is everyone obsessed with the lotus Biscoff spread?

It seems like everywhere I travel online, albeit that Instagram, Facebook tick-tock, and everybody raves about the delectable Biscoff spread. At the first glance, I was like, “Move over, Nutella”. This will be the new thing I saw people put on bread, toast, and cake. 

It’s winter but we’re ready to get out to a festival!

There’s plenty to see and get out and about to soak up some atmosphere, some food and some local produce and talent. First we start out in Townsville, with the Playground Festival. This is the culmination of the TheatreiNQ Writer’s Festival. Amateur playwrights have been


Stay calm. I am about to announce something that will make you rejoice in happiness or scramble online to find a recipe!  Avocados in Australia are currently in oversupply. Yes, that’s right, you heard it no more days of avocados being in shortage, and you

What Are Small Talk and Big Talk (I NEED TO KNOW…)

Recently I chatted with my co-host Adair, and we talked about the differences between small and big talk. I believe Smalltalk is anything that is strictly about the weather, the current day and things that all humans know.  I recently overheard Adair having a conversation