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He yelled ‘HIP HIP’ and *SILENCE*

Last week on the 2NRS Breakfast with Liam and Adair, I told a story I had recently heard from a friend – a story that turned my world upside down. My friend had recently returned from the US, after living there for several years. Soon

Tropical Cyclones – What are they and how are they named?

Tropical Cyclones are low pressure systems that form over warm tropical waters. They usually form when the sea surface temperature is above 26 degrees. They can continue for days even weeks and also follow erratic paths. They usually dissipate once it moves over land or

Whale hello there! – Get it? Ha.

As the cooler month is upon us. So is the time to grab those binoculars because we are now in whale season! In Australia, this happens between the months of May and November. However, whale watching differs throughout the country and so do the kinds

Why Doesn’t Qld & WA Get A Long Weekend?

Many millions of Australians are getting excited for their long weekend starting Saterday the 12th, but for the 8 million who live in Queensland and Western Australia, this weekend is just a regular 2 day break. The long weekend is a celebration of the Queen’s

The Netherlands New Theme Park – Run Entirely By Wind

 Move over dream world, the Netherlands new proposed wind run amusement park could have you beat. Dutch renewable energy company, Qurrent, has proposed a theme park that not only runs entirely on renewable energy but incorporates it into the theme park structure. If you like