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Billie Eilish in racy new film clip

Billie Eilish has revealed a new music video for her new single Lost Cause, and also a fair bit more skin than usual! The seven-time Grammy winner’s self directed music video gives viewers a peek into a sleepover with her girlfriends. The 19-year-old has been

Artist Spotlight: Cooks & Bakers (Newcastle)

Lu spoke to the Newcastle Indie/Pop Rock Trio, Cooks & Bakers, this afternoon. The band is made of three mates, Campbell Ross (Vocalist, Gutairst), Finn Ellem (Drummer) and Nathaniel Duggan (Bassist). They’ve just finished a tour celebrating their debut EP ‘Out Of Touch’. The leading

Deee-lite Is Back Baby!

Grab your Beanie Baby and pull on neon Windbreaker because the 90’s made return on ‘Song of the Year’ today during arvo’s. Lu put on her dancing shoes and played ‘Groove is in the heart’ by Deee-lite! The song was the American’s Group first number

Regional Artist Spotlight: ERYS

Our station is always playing the best music but we think it’s important to shine the musical light on some of the little artists coming through the scene around Australia. On Monday we had Queensland artist ERYS join the show to talk all things music

Genes Talks all things ‘Cherry Lips’ on Arvo’s

Genes, an artist originally from Melbourne, now a Townsville local, spoke to Lu on the Afternoon show to celebrate her new single ‘Cherry Lips’! She said living in Townsville has influenced her music by forcing her to slow down and digest the local news and

The Real Prince Of England: Harry Styles

There is a lot of talk today about the new royal baby being born – Lilibet Diana. But I think its time we really recognised the TRUE Prince of England. Harry Styles. I mean come on, take a look and let me know what you

Regional Artist Spotlight: Isy Cappo

Goulburn teenager Isy Cappo is somewhat of a phenomenon. She taught herself to play a number of instruments before taking up studies at the Hume Conservatorium. Isy has new music on the way including the recent single release ‘Always Her’.