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What Have We Learned from the Great Australian Dog Survey?

Aren’t dogs great? Australia says “Yes!” Scratch Pet Foods recently undertook the biggest survey of Australian dogs ever, with over 20,000 pooches (and their owners) surveyed. And the results are… pawfectly fascinating! We learned, for example, that Australia’s most popular dog breed is the Labrador

What’s in Your Backyard?

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Junior Landcare held a competition across Australia asking kids to take photos of the flora and fauna in their backyards and describe why it was important to them. This was all part of their What’s in Your Backyard? campaign which encouraged

Meg’s Mental Health Misson

Meg Grover is a 23 year old girl on a mission to raise awareness of mental health issues. She began Meg’s Mission, a social media platform, following the tragedy of losing a classmate to suicide. Meg says “whether it be people close to us or

Big Cats in the Bush? It’s More Likely Than You Think!

For almost 200 years, Aussies have been hearing stories about big cats roaming the outback. But sightings have always been hard to verify – until now. Professional photographer Amber Noseda was driving home through the Otway Ranges when she caught sight of something by the

Guiding the Guide Dogs

Melissa McPhee loves dogs. She loves them so much, in fact, that she doesn’t keep any of the dogs she adopts. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Melissa is a volunteer with Guide Dogs NSW. Her family takes in puppies that are

New Music: Joel William Harrison

Joel William Harrison joined the Daylee Drive team today to speak about his brand new single Delete the Hurt which he released on Saturday. Joel is a singer/songwriter from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. His previous releases include his debut album Thinking Over, Over

Can you still find love in a Corona world?

Sami Lukis, journalist and host of the Romantically Challenged Podcast on PodcastOne Australia joined Wendy and Jay on 2NRS Drive on Thursday to talk about how to date post-COVID 19. Sami’s top tips were: Don’t turn a frog into a prince We may have been

RUOK? is a question we can ask any day.

What can we do to help those we love who may be dealing with depression and anxiety? Pete Shmigel, mental health advocate and ex-CEO of Lifeline Australia, joined Wendy and Jay on 2NRS Drive today and he advised that the first thing we can do

Bathurst musician Gabbi Bolt goes viral on TikTok

Bathurst-based musician Gabbi Bolt, 23 is becoming a TikTok influencer as she sings (and puts to music) some famous moments from Aussie politics, history and media. Her “cover” song of Julie Gillard’s famous sexism and misogyny speech has been viewed over 175,000 times, and a