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He yelled ‘HIP HIP’ and *SILENCE*

Last week on the 2NRS Breakfast with Liam and Adair, I told a story I had recently heard from a friend – a story that turned my world upside down. My friend had recently returned from the US, after living there for several years. Soon


Anny and Charlie on Saturday Breakfast decided to get to know one another live on-air. Both being obsessed with Star signs they knew they could figure one another out live on-air if need be so we put them to the test and below is a

Mental Health Accessibility in Regional Australia

Clinic Director of Net Psychology and Darwin DBT, Jen Riches, is super passionate about making mental health services accessible to regional areas. She’s also created a podcast to share her personal story dealing with Bipolar Disorder called ‘The Secret Life of A Darwin Psychologist’.

Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Katherine NT

If you’re like me and hate the cold – I reckon Katherine is the perfect destination and I have compiled a list of 10 places worth the visit. The Nitmiluk (Katherine) GorgeHere you can experience the world-famous gorge in Nitmiluk National Park. Canoe up the

Whale hello there! – Get it? Ha.

As the cooler month is upon us. So is the time to grab those binoculars because we are now in whale season! In Australia, this happens between the months of May and November. However, whale watching differs throughout the country and so do the kinds

What do you call a battered, deep-fried potato snack?

Turns out across the country, we have a very varied vocabulary for everyday occurrences. Throughout NSW and even in WA, if you went down to the local fish & chip shop, you’d be asking for a potato scallop. Yet over in Victoria or down in Tasmania,