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Pampered Pooches and Coddled Cats…

Nicole Kidman’s Instagram post of June 8th 2021 stating how much their fur-baby misses Keith Urban when he goes on the road, grabbed over 83,000 likes. Featuring their pampered poodle pooch Julian and fur Dad – Keith, a barrage of adoring fans commented how adorable,

Mum’s $1500 toy shopping spree divides the internet

A Queensland woman has been criticised by fellow mums, for buying three trolleys full of toys for her toddler. An Aussie mum who shared snaps of her huge shopping spree from Big W’s annual Toy Mania sale has sparked a huge divide on social media.

Larapinta – Your Next Holiday

With overseas travel off the table for a while, there’s never been a better time to head inwards and explore all the surreal experiences Australia has to offer. If your after somewhere that will make you breathless with exhaustion, and then take your breath away

The top 10 Aboriginal bush medicines to cure your illness

From eucalyptus oil to witchetty grubs, these natural medicines are used to cure illness the traditional way. A medicinal chemist from Macquarie University Sydney, Professor Joanne Jamie, has compiled a database on Aboriginal plants that contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compound that are used in western

Have Dating Apps Killed Romance?

Relationship Expert Elizabeth Shaw from Relationships Australia spoke to Tom, Charles & Lachie about the affects apps have on the dating scene and whether or not Charles still living at home hinders his chances of finding ‘The One’. For more information, go to

Budget Bonanza: Ten Tops Coming To Nowra

Nowra has a new store opening VERY soon! In early July, Nowra will welcome Ten Tops to Junction Street – a shop where nothing costs over $10. The company is no stranger to regional hubs with stores already in Dubbo and Wagga Wagga. Stocking groceries

South Australian’s 5000KM walk for Mental Health

‘And I would walk 500 miles’…yeah, try 5000km! Matt Fennell is in the final stages of preparation for a walk that will see him starting at Cape York and finishing at the southern most point of Tasmania. Matt, who is no stranger to exercises in

TikTokers Are Using WHAT To Make Milkshakes?!

TikTok’s take on “food hacks” can be interesting, to say the least, but the latest cooking sensation is making us never want another milkshake, ever again. TikToker Anna Rothfuss (@bananalovesyoutoo) is making milkshakes in her toilet bowl and no, this is not a drill. Anna begins the

NSW propose $25,000 grant for first home buyers

As home ownership for under 40’s plummets, NSW government seeks overhaul of property tax With Sydney’s median house price exceeding $1.1 million, NSW state government will introduce a $25,000 grant as an incentive to first home buyers entering the market. The grant would look to