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How one man went from fixing computers to crafting beer

Local beer brewer, Phillip O’shea, went from cracking computers to cold ones in 2016. However, it is fair to say that the brewery, Five Barrel Brewing, that we see today was not born overnight, and it was not. Phillip began tapping into beer brewing when

Push-Up Challenge – Completed!

2NRS team has finally pushed their final push-up for the Push-Up Challenge with it wrapping up on the 23 June. 2NRS did 434 push-ups and we raised $400. Nationally, the Push-Up Challenge has raised 14 million dollars and 309 million push-ups have been completed. What

Hang gliding is a breeze…right?

If you ever wanted to fly like a bird…hang gliding may just be the sport for you. But you do need the right kind of breeze for take off. Bald Hill is favourite spot in the Illawarra for hang gliders to launch off. I found

Meet Tania Brown – Acting Lord Mayor Wollongong

Two weeks ago, I was very fortunate to interview Tania Brown, Acting Lord Mayor for Wollongong, and she shared Council’s vision for Wollongong. One of their priorities is to fund upgrades to sports fields and ensure equity of access as more women are engaged in

AI now being used to help families save on weekly grocery shop

The ever growing popularity of AI technology including ChatGPT has grown so exponentially that it recently found its’ way into the discussion threads of several “mummy” groups on Facebook across Australia. One user, Melinda*, opened up about how she had started using the app to

2NRS – Gets pushing for mental health

This year in a push to raise mental health awareness across the two week broadcast, 2NRS has formed a team in “The Push-Up Challenge.” The goal is to reach 3144 push-ups by 23 June while raising funds for much needed mental health services such as