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Radio Roadtrip Episode 10: Nimbin

Our road trippers, Jay and Nikki, sure have covered some ground this week. Zig-zagging cross-country on a strikingly spontaneous route, the podcasters have punished the bitumen between Australia’s tropical north, outback settlements and southern cross-roads. They’re knackered. So when Jay’s dad, Richard, suggested they kick

The Essentials: Episode Ten

Michael McClean is a paramedic in Canberra. Working through the Covid-19 pandemic created unique challenges for emergency response workers around the country. Paramedics dedicate their lives to helping others, so what changes are made when the risk of attending to strangers is increased with the

Being funny isn’t easy!

Being funny for more than one joke is much harder than it sounds, according to Fiona Pepper from ABC Radio National Fictions, who joined Jenna and Wendy on the Lounge today. It’s not the ‘tish boom moment that matter when it comes to being funny

Another Huge Weekend as the NRL Kicks into Gear

It’s good news story for footy fans as Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced today, a further easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Stadiums that can hold up to 40,000 people will be able to operate at 25 per cent capacity in July as part of changes to

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Time to lose that isolation weight

GYMS REOPEN ACROSS AUSTRALIA Gyms are set to reopen from tomorrow in NSW after being closed for three months. Here’s what you need to know to stay gym safe. Each facility is allowed one person per four square metres at a time, including staff. All

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Vale: The all-you-can-eat buffet

There’s been a lot of talk about life returning to almost normal in Australia. We have so many reasons to count our blessings, and Jenna and Wendy at The Lounge on 2NRS from 7 pm weekdays have been counting them. Here’s their top five. We

Radio Roadtrip Episode 9: Port Augusta

On tonight’s Radio Roadtrip Jay and Nikki bomb through the desert en-route to Port Augusta. Port Augusta is beautiful: a place where vivid red earth kisses glassy water. With a stable population of 13,000, this outback oasis sits at the crossroads of three major Australian

The Essentials: Episode Nine

While we go about our lives, spare a thought for the homeless people who are ultimately doing it way tougher than we could ever imagine. In this epsiode we speak to community worker ‘Joel’ who shines the light on the inner strength and resilience of

14 Year Old Missing Boy Found

14-year-old William Callaghan who was separated from his family on Mount Disappointment just north of Melbourne, on Monday afternoon.Has been found. Despite temperatures dropping to near zero degrees, the 14-year-old avoided hypothermia and managed to walk away with a suspected broken foot, and some cuts

The Essentials: Episode Eight

John Lyons is one of many of the unsung heroes of Australian society that helped us through the Corona Virus. Working at the service centre at Paddington’s Woolworths, John has in many ways been on the frontlines of the pandemic from the very start. While