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The Evolution Of Hound Dog

“Hound Dog” is a blues song written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.  It was first recorded originally by Big Mama Thornton in 1953  Then interpreted by Freddie Bell and The Bellboys in 1955 In 1956 it was famously covered by Elvis Presley The modern

Flight Attendant

Use This Trick To Get Upgraded Business Class For Free!

Have you ever sat in measly economy class watching ahead was the lavish stranger’s board on business class and thought, why can’t that be me? Well, worry no further; I have got you covered. I spoke to Megan, an ex-flight attendant, about the best hacks

Mum’s $1500 toy shopping spree divides the internet

A Queensland woman has been criticised by fellow mums, for buying three trolleys full of toys for her toddler. An Aussie mum who shared snaps of her huge shopping spree from Big W’s annual Toy Mania sale has sparked a huge divide on social media.

Model Train Company Soars As UK Lockdown Increases

As UK continues to endure through it’s COVID-19 restrictions, those who are locked up at home are turning to their hobbies. This has been highly successful for model group Hornby who have had a spike in their sales capping at $89.5 million dollars for the

The top 10 Aboriginal bush medicines to cure your illness

From eucalyptus oil to witchetty grubs, these natural medicines are used to cure illness the traditional way. A medicinal chemist from Macquarie University Sydney, Professor Joanne Jamie, has compiled a database on Aboriginal plants that contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compound that are used in western

Family violence and Sexual Offences have increased across Geelong

Family violence and intervention order breaches, and sexual offences have increased across Geelong in the year since Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic began A report released yesterday reveals intervention breaches are up by 41%, and sexual offences up by 16% Geelong police point to a rise in

Bush Medicines for Common Ills

I love winter seasons because they are cool and cozy. But it also brings common infections that disturb our routine. I usually do not opt for medication unless it is really required, I love treating it in traditional ways. I still remember the days my

NSW to invest in Bushfire Strategies in upcoming Budget

NSW government to commit thirty million dollars in the upcoming state budget. In the wake of the devastating Black Summer Fires, the NSW government will commit more spending in the upcoming state budget to bushfire research.  The funding will help the development of bushfire technology

It’s the ‘Spider Apocalypse’ in our own backyard!

Heavy rain and flooding in regional Victoria, around Gippsland, has resulted in a “spider apocalypse”. Blankets of spiderwebs looking like thick nets have been captured in chilling photos posted online. Photographs were posted to websites such as Reddit with captions reading “if the floods weren’t