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Thinking Of You Week

This week from the 19th June, is Thinking Of You Week in Australia. Designed and practiced to encourage thoughtful messages among friends and those around us.

Labor commits to ambitious emissions target

Australia now has a more ambitious, emissions target after it was submitted to the United Nations on Thursday, fulfilling an election promise by the new government Prime Minister Anthony Albanese raised the country’s 2030 emissions reduction target to 43 per cent, saying it “sets Australia

Army Called To Assist In Victorian Storm Recovery

After a week since one of the biggest storms, Victoria’s regional areas including the Yarra and Dandenong Ranges. The Victorian Government has sought help from the Australian Defence Force, who will assist in the clearing of trees which have ravaged roads, squashed cars and destroyed

Family violence and Sexual Offences have increased across Geelong

Family violence and intervention order breaches, and sexual offences have increased across Geelong in the year since Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic began A report released yesterday reveals intervention breaches are up by 41%, and sexual offences up by 16% Geelong police point to a rise in

Australia’s Smartest Town is Crowned

Congratulations to Nelson Bay for taking the crown of Australia’s Smartest Town! Lucy answered five Aussie trivia questions in 30 seconds to top the two-week-running leaderboard. See the final leaderboard below!