AI now being used to help families save on weekly grocery shop

Photo Credit: Pexels

The ever growing popularity of AI technology including ChatGPT has grown so exponentially that it recently found its’ way into the discussion threads of several “mummy” groups on Facebook across Australia.

One user, Melinda*, opened up about how she had started using the app to help put together weekly meal plans for her family when running low on recipe ideas whilst trying to remain on a budget amongst the growing cost of living.

“I was really surprised, how it was able to generate specific recipes based on my requests. It’s definitely a tool I’ll keep using”.

The app can generate meal plans and personalized grocery lists based on the number and ages of family members, dietary restrictions and can even specify costs of food by supermarket i.e. Coles vs Woolworths.

It shows yet another way, members of the public are adapting to the tool proving its’ use in the everyday sphere. Studies are currently underway at The University of Sydney and Hong Kong University to learn how students are able to adapt using the tool without compromising ethical learning in the traditional sense.

ChatGPT can currently be installed via The Google Play or Apple App store.