How one baker is tackling food waste… with cows?

BreadRocks Shellharbour has found some new four-legged fans of their baked goods! Cows out at an Albion park Paddock are getting these delicious delights, lets just hope they don’t notice its day old bread.

This isn’t the first time cows have been used to reduce food waster however, dairy cows have been eating rejected chocolates and lollies in South Australia to reduce landfill. Don’t worry, the cows like it.

Owner of BreadRocks Shellharbour, Glen Willot, says he’s been trying to connect with local farmers to dispose of food that doesn’t get sold at his bakeries, saving what would go to landfill.

According to Stop Food Waste Australia, more than 319,400 tonnes of food is wasted across Australian bread and bakeries every year. Currently there are investigations into legislation by Stop Food waste Australia! make sure tocheck them out here!