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Being funny isn’t easy!

Being funny for more than one joke is much harder than it sounds, according to Fiona Pepper from ABC Radio National Fictions, who joined Jenna and Wendy on the Lounge today. It’s not the ‘tish boom moment that matter when it comes to being funny

Royal Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Surprise About Prince Harry

Cressida Bonas dated Prince Harry from 2014 until 2016. If she had continued the relationship, she would have married into the Royal Family and become the Duchess of Sussex. But she has revealed that “fear” was a factor ultimately stopping the relationship from progressing further.

Movie Mania on The Lounge

Don’t you just love a good movie? Whether it’s a weepie, a rom-com or a splatter-fest – getting under the rug with a friend (furry will do) and a bag of popcorn is always a delicious treat. Tonight, on The Lounge, Jenna and Wendy chatted

Big Brother 2020 – The Wait is Almost Over

Tonight is the night. The premiere of Big Brother 2020 is finally hitting our screens.  The show brings together 20 individuals from all over Australia with a large scope of ages, backgrounds and personalities. They will be competing in a series of “Survivor Style” challenges

So you think you’re funny?

Who is funny – Jenna or Wendy? And why would comedian Tim Ferguson ever want to get involved in that lose-lose debate. Find out on the Lounge!

How many ways to eat a Tim Tam

Make Tim Tam ice cream sandwiches if you feel like a sweet treat. This quick snack is really easy and incredibly delicious. Simply cut slices of chocolate ice cream and place it between 2 Tim Tams. If you’re not in a rush, place the ice cream

Grandmother’s Buttermilk Cornbread

  Well the winter has arrived, and we all love to snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa to our favourite Netflix programme. and there’s nothing that takes off the chill more than our favourite comfort food. some like pasta, some enjoy a scone with jam or two, some prefer a cheese board of fine wine and some grapes to wash it

Easy Meal Ideas on a Budget

Are you on a budget, in between jobs, or maybe you are the sort of person that just likes to save their coin?   Well, we’ve all been short a buck or two and saving without a regular income can cause astronomical and unnecessary stresses in the household. Even if you’re still living at home, you can always guarantee it’s not going to be slim pickings when you hit