Illawarra Locals Confronted Tough Decisions When Shopping

The rising cost of groceries in Illawarra is placing a heavy burden on local residents, forcing many to reevaluate their spending habits and make difficult choices in their budgets.

Wollongong local and University student Rizal Hoxha, adjusting to independent living, has resorted to buying cheaper groceries like caged eggs, amid doubled prices.

His mother, Adile Hoxha, has noticed more families coming into the food bank where she volunteers. She said “people are really relying on these services to supplement food shortages because of the rising price in groceries.” 

Another Wollongong local Christina Wintrell says her grocery bill has “almost doubled” and she is “just buying basic necessities.” This has impacted her social activities. 

Finally Lochie O’Duibhir emphasizes the challenge of maintaining a healthy diet amidst expensive meat prices, reducing discretionary spending on entertainment and dining out. The community faces a collective struggle as they navigate these economic pressures.

Adile Moxha with son Rizal Hoxha. Pictures by Adam McLean c/o Illawarra Mercury
Christina Wintrell. Pictures by Adam McLean c/o Illawarra Mercury