Love your steak? Best butcher in the Illawarra revealed…

Lachy the Butcher from Cleaver & Co Quality Meats and Angela Tjeuw

I was led to the best butcher in the Illawarra by the number of dogs drooling outside his shop. Lachie is the owner of Cleaver & Co Quality Meats in Gwynneville and on entering his shop, I was struck by how fresh and juicy the meat on display was. No wonder the dogs were hungrily staring at me through the windows. Lachy and I chatted while he carved into a lamb shoulder and told me all about his family business. Visit Lachy and his team for the freshest meat around and hear where he sources it from:

Cleaver & Co Quality Meats Wollongong – 2/4 Murphys Ave, Gwynneville,