Women Illawarra: Empowering Women in Crisis Across the Illawarra Region

Photo: [Source]: Women Illawarra

Women Illawarra: Empowering Women in Crisis Since 1979

By Lisa Kowalski

Women Illawarra has been a cornerstone of support for women in the Illawarra region since 1979. Founded on the principles of empowerment and solidarity, the organization offers a lifeline to women experiencing domestic and family violence. Over the decades, their services have expanded to meet the growing needs of the community, providing essential support to those in crisis.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Women Illawarra offers an array of services designed to support women through difficult times. These include:

• Information and Referral Services: Connecting women with the resources they need, including legal aid, housing support, and counseling.

• Support Groups: Providing a safe space for women to share their experiences and support each other.

• Community Health Services: Offering health education and access to medical care.

• Court Support: Assisting women through the legal process, ensuring they have the support and representation they need.

The Impact of COVID-19

Michelle Glasgow of Women Illawarra notes a significant surge in the need for support services following the COVID-19 pandemic. The isolation and economic strain caused by the pandemic have exacerbated situations of domestic and family violence, making the work of Women Illawarra more crucial than ever.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Michelle hopes that Women Illawarra can return to its original purpose: providing basic services for women in need. This includes essential amenities such as a communal kitchen, laundry facilities, and emergency accommodation. Additionally, there are plans to expand their current facilities in Wollongong to better serve the community.

“We want women to know that they can come to Illawarra, feel free to email, text, or come in person. Women Illawarra will believe them, believe their story, and will do everything in their power to help anyone in need,” says Michelle Glasgow.

Reaching Out for Help

Women Illawarra continues to be a beacon of hope and resilience, standing firm in their mission to support and empower women in the Illawarra region. Their motto stands strong: “By women, for women.”

Women Illawarra is dedicated to making sure every woman in need receives the help and support she deserves. For more information, visit www.womenillawarra.org.au. To listen to a podcast featuring Michelle Glasgow and Lisa Kowalski, follow this link.