How one man went from fixing computers to crafting beer

Local beer brewer, Phillip O’shea, went from cracking computers to cold ones in 2016. However, it is fair to say that the brewery, Five Barrel Brewing, that we see today was not born overnight, and it was not.

Phillip began tapping into beer brewing when his Sydney IT job was going to move office. Not happy with this plan, Phillip quit his IT position and travelled around the world experiencing beer culture that he did not see in the Illawarra. Missing that overseas beer culture returning home, Phillip began brewing beer with his family in Wollongong for years before opening the doors of Five Barrel Brewing.

Now, his brewery has beers to suit all taste buds from ‘sticky beak’ pale ales to ‘wild side’ American brown ales. Currently, you can choose from over twenty different beers that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. Five Barrel brewing also hosts local live music every week and a food truck from Thursday to Saturday that serves delicious burgers, snacks, and sides that are going to pair nicely with that schooner.

I wanted to know more about Five Barrel Brewing and see where the passion for his beer came from. I spoke with Phillip O’Shea on 2NRS Drive to chat more about his transition from technology to tinnies.