Push-Up Challenge – Completed!

2NRS team has finally pushed their final push-up for the Push-Up Challenge with it wrapping up on the 23 June.

2NRS did 434 push-ups and we raised $400. Nationally, the Push-Up Challenge has raised 14 million dollars and 309 million push-ups have been completed. What an incredible effort!

2NRS Breakfast Team, R to L: Angela Tjeuw, Liam Achurch, Jonathan Pearson

I spoke with Renee Green, CEO Lifeline South Coast about the impact of the Push-Up Challenge in helping to provide additional funding to Lifeline but also in raising awareness about mental health.

Renee shared how important it is to have a conversation and check in on people you’re concerned about. She also discussed the services available in the Illawarra and Shellharbour region.

If you or anyone you know are struggling with mental health, please reach out to your GP and Lifeline is available on 13 11 14.