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Have Dating Apps Killed Romance?

Relationship Expert Elizabeth Shaw from Relationships Australia spoke to Tom, Charles & Lachie about the affects apps have on the dating scene and whether or not Charles still living at home hinders his chances of finding ‘The One’. For more information, go to

TikTokers Are Using WHAT To Make Milkshakes?!

TikTok’s take on “food hacks” can be interesting, to say the least, but the latest cooking sensation is making us never want another milkshake, ever again. TikToker Anna Rothfuss (@bananalovesyoutoo) is making milkshakes in her toilet bowl and no, this is not a drill. Anna begins the

What’s On This Weekend! 11th – 13th June

There are plenty of great events happening across the country this weekend. From the food & wine to racing across the desert, we’ve got you sorted with What’s On! Barunga Festival: 11th – 13th June An iconic event on the national festival calendar, Barunga Festival