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Pampered Pooches and Coddled Cats…

Nicole Kidman’s Instagram post of June 8th 2021 stating how much their fur-baby misses Keith Urban when he goes on the road, grabbed over 83,000 likes. Featuring their pampered poodle pooch Julian and fur Dad – Keith, a barrage of adoring fans commented how adorable,

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Jugglers of the World Unite

Juggle: to continuously toss into the air and catch (a number of objects) so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others. Juggling is an artform that dates back some 4,000 years. There is evidence of juggling recorded on the

Australia’s Smartest Town is Crowned

Congratulations to Nelson Bay for taking the crown of Australia’s Smartest Town! Lucy answered five Aussie trivia questions in 30 seconds to top the two-week-running leaderboard. See the final leaderboard below!

What Does It Take To Become An Adult?

This week on 2NRS Drive with Tom, Charles and Lachie – the boys were talking about what it takes to become an adult – officially. They have set the challenge for the young one in the group, Charles, to officially gaduate into becoming an adult.

Russell Crowe to build film studio in Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour will become a key location in “Aussiewood”, thanks to its most famous local resident, Russell Crowe. Crowe will establish a film studio in the coastal city, cashing in on the influx of filmmakers from around the world following the COVID-19 pandemic. “For a

TikTokers Are Using WHAT To Make Milkshakes?!

TikTok’s take on “food hacks” can be interesting, to say the least, but the latest cooking sensation is making us never want another milkshake, ever again. TikToker Anna Rothfuss (@bananalovesyoutoo) is making milkshakes in her toilet bowl and no, this is not a drill. Anna begins the

What’s On This Weekend! 11th – 13th June

There are plenty of great events happening across the country this weekend. From the food & wine to racing across the desert, we’ve got you sorted with What’s On! Barunga Festival: 11th – 13th June An iconic event on the national festival calendar, Barunga Festival

Loki Disney+

The Timey Wimey Adventures of Loki

Disney’s new Marvel series – Loki, just aired on their streaming platform Disney+ and boy we have SOOO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Warning, this post will contain spoilers for Episode 1 and probably the whole series. In case you missed it, Loki is Disney’s new original series