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COVID-19: The Delta Strain Reached NSW

The 4th person who tested positive to COVID-19 is confirmed to have the Delta variant. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told the press that they’re on high alert and that NSW residents should be extra careful for the next few days. Only 2 local cases have

Family violence and Sexual Offences have increased across Geelong

Family violence and intervention order breaches, and sexual offences have increased across Geelong in the year since Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic began A report released yesterday reveals intervention breaches are up by 41%, and sexual offences up by 16% Geelong police point to a rise in

OMG! Giant Spider Surprises Pilot – Mid Flight

In what would be most peoples ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE, a pilot from the Northern Territories A Northern Territory pilot was left terrified moments before landing a plane when a giant huntsman spider dropped onto his lap. The secret passenger dropped onto him from the ceiling as

Australia’s Smartest Town is Crowned

Congratulations to Nelson Bay for taking the crown of Australia’s Smartest Town! Lucy answered five Aussie trivia questions in 30 seconds to top the two-week-running leaderboard. See the final leaderboard below!

Dungog Kelpie Sets New Record

Coming out of rural Dungog, one very special Shepard has just set the new national price record with a whopping $35,201 price tag. James and Alice Cooper found the right bidder for the right price on June 1st at the annual Woodenbong Carlton Working Dog

What Does It Take To Become An Adult?

This week on 2NRS Drive with Tom, Charles and Lachie – the boys were talking about what it takes to become an adult – officially. They have set the challenge for the young one in the group, Charles, to officially gaduate into becoming an adult.

Queensland Budget 2021: Putting Regional First

The Queensland Budget has been announced last night and the State plans to allocate the money in different sectors throughout regional areas. HEALTH $2 billion has been allocated over the next 4 years. Most of that money will be used to upgrade current facilities and

NSW to invest in Bushfire Strategies in upcoming Budget

NSW government to commit thirty million dollars in the upcoming state budget. In the wake of the devastating Black Summer Fires, the NSW government will commit more spending in the upcoming state budget to bushfire research.  The funding will help the development of bushfire technology

It’s the ‘Spider Apocalypse’ in our own backyard!

Heavy rain and flooding in regional Victoria, around Gippsland, has resulted in a “spider apocalypse”. Blankets of spiderwebs looking like thick nets have been captured in chilling photos posted online. Photographs were posted to websites such as Reddit with captions reading “if the floods weren’t

Have Dating Apps Killed Romance?

Relationship Expert Elizabeth Shaw from Relationships Australia spoke to Tom, Charles & Lachie about the affects apps have on the dating scene and whether or not Charles still living at home hinders his chances of finding ‘The One’. For more information, go to