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Stay calm. I am about to announce something that will make you rejoice in happiness or scramble online to find a recipe!  Avocados in Australia are currently in oversupply. Yes, that’s right, you heard it no more days of avocados being in shortage, and you

Has Katy Perry Been Forgotten About?

Katy Perry, the creator of pop music, undoubtedly impacts our lives but is not talked about enough. I think Katy Perry, creator of pop music, is often forgotten about. Think back to audio teenage moments when you were in the car jamming out to the

Cal Wilson is Making Her Way to the Gong!

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival roadshow is swinging by Wollongong Town Hall this weekend, and it boasts an enormous lineup. One of the comedy superstars amongst the lineup including Dave Callan, Ben Knight and Lloyd Langford, is superstar Cal Wilson. Wilson has been long sought